You Can Prepare Your Own Remedy for Diabetes At Home; Only 2 Ingredients And Ready


There are diseases that do not have an effective cure, but there are treatments that help to cope with the disease as if it were a condition of our body that we must control, as well as the case of diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that affects the production of insulin by the pancreas, in this way it is impossible to control blood glucose and this leads to serious problems.

This disease comes in two types, one where the problem is that there is not enough insulin for our body and another type where insulin is not produced in general.

As we said, this disease is more of a condition, since there is no way to make the pancreas produce enough insulin again.

But those who suffer from this disease must follow a treatment that counteracts their problem, as well as adapts their lifestyle to diabetes to lead a moderately stable life and enjoy general well-being.

With this preparation, you can start to cure diabetes

We might think that with all the advances in technology it is a little disappointing that the way to cure diseases like this is not achieved since it is not the only one that does not have a feasible remedy.

But, we must note that, for its part, natural medicine has quite good methods that should be investigated and taken into account by medicine in general. Since they have achieved better results and much more beneficial.

In this case, we have a completely natural remedy whose properties help the body maintain the level of sugar, or glucose, fully controlled.

In this way, diabetes patients can do without the use of artificial insulin and thus lead a healthier and quieter day today.

The remedy is prepared in the following way:


-300 grams of celery
-6 lemons


First, you must wash, peel and grate the celery, then add it to a pot along with the juice of the lemons.

Cook this in a bain-marie for two hours over low heat, then remove from heat, do not open the pot, let it cool and then transfer it to a container and refrigerate.

You must take a spoonful of this remedy daily fasting, preferably 20 minutes before breakfast.

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Source: homeremediescorner