This Is Incredible – A Juice That Can Destroy Cancer Cells, Level High Blood Pressure and Cure Diabetes!


Perhaps you didn’t know that raw potato is a great remedy.

Raw potatoes and medicine have been associated for centuries, but still, people believe that consuming raw potatoes is unsafe.

Shockingly, this is completely wrong. Juice of raw potatoes is the best remedy for numerous illnesses. This juice is excellent for lowering high blood pressure, treating diabetes and even for curing cancer!

You must peel the potatoes before eating them to clear out the dirt as well as the harmful toxins they might have (especially if they have sprouts or green skin).

There have been written many articles about raw potato juice by health experts.

John Lesindzer stated that the juice of raw potato is the best remedy for gastritis, a disease that occurs quite often in these modern times. He advised consuming 1 tablespoon of raw potato juice along with a bit of fresh water before every meal. For duodenal and stomach problems, he advises to drink 500 milliliters of this juice as a first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) and then another 500 milliliters half an hour before every meal of the day.

Also, a professor from Akita Medicine University in Japan, Doctor Kagamine, conducted a study dedicated to isolating raw potatoes substances. He found that this substance stops the growth of tumor in mice. This study was published in IC (International Congress) in Germany.

Today, raw potatoes juice is used for treating kidney and heart problems, diabetes, hypertension as well as other health issues.

This juice also enhances immunity. If you suffer from tiredness frequently, consume this every morning and every night for 2 weeks. You will feel much more energized and your health will be significantly improved.

Benefits of raw potato juice:

  • Kills cancer
  • Significantly better immunity
  • Provides detoxification of the body
  • Treatment for skin problems
  • Prevents cardiovascular issues
  • Lowers the blood sugar
  • Resolves liver and kidney issues

Furthermore, this juice can help you to detoxify the organism and supply it with various minerals and vitamins like vitamin C and B6, potassium, magnesium, iron, protein, etc. When we cook the potatoes, they lose the vitamin C.

We have mentioned before that this juice of raw potatoes is wonderful for the skin. Potatoes prevent the forming and growing of blackheads and acne. Your skin will be much better, cleaner and it will look younger since they also tighten the skin and prevent its aging. Potatoes are good for getting rid of the cellulite too; you just need to rub a potato slice on the thighs or any affected area.

Preparing the raw potato juice:

First, you need to properly clean the potatoes, peel them, and remove all green parts and sprouts. Next, cut the potatoes in slices. Then, wrap them in some cloth and squeeze the juice, or simply use a juicer if you have one.

Always drink it fresh. Add apples, lemons or honey for a better taste.

Consume two cups of this juice every day and reduce the chance of cancer along with numerous other diseases.


Source: organichealthsolution