These Are The 8 Pills That End With Your Kidneys and You Do Not Even Care, Doctors Always Prescribe Them!

The kidneys take care of eliminating toxins that our body does not need. If this organ is not in perfect condition we will begin to suffer serious diseases that will affect our organism and our quality of life.

Usually we take medications for the flu, stomach, bones, head or some general discomfort. Unfortunately, these drugs cause side effects for our body and especially for our kidneys. If we consume them in excess they will damage our health quickly.

We will tell you next the 10 medicines that most damage our kidneys. We recommend to be very careful when consuming these pills. You should make sure that you only take them under medical supervision as not all people can consume the same amount of pills.


Learn which drugs are damaging your kidneys.

Lithium :

It is used to treat bipolar disorder

Anticonvulsants :

They are used to treat seizures and other conditions, their names are phenytoin and trimethadione.

Chemotherapy drug :

cisplatin, pamidronate, cyclosporine, quinine, interferons, carboplatin, tacrolimus, bevacizumab, mitomycin, antithyroid drugs, including propylthiouracil.

Medicines for acidity :

lansoprazole, rebeprazole, esomeprazole, omeprazole and proton pump inhibitors.

Antiviral medicines:

indinavir and tenofovir, used to treat HIV, acyclovir that is prescribed for herpes infection.

Medications for pressure :


Joint and bone medications:

chloroquine and hiddroxychloroquine, used for malaria and systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, infliximab for arthritis.

Antibiotics :

vancomycin, sulfonamides, methicillin, ciprofloxacin.

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