The Truth About Fats that Will Surprise You

If you’re one of the people who has the desire to reduce body fat and achieving good physical form primarily weight loss, you have probably already decided that you will not eat any fat and fat are the greatest enemies of good form.

What you, in that case you should know is the fact that you are not definitely wrong. As proof of this, We will mention of two large facts which will hopefully change some of the wrong attitudes towards fats.

Two types of fat
First and foremost is the notion that the fats are divided into two types, virtually the good and the bad. Good we call unsaturated fats, while others are saturated fat. Saturated fats are the reason why people have such a show about fats in general, because the fact that they are to blame for the increased levels of blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and generally fatty deposits that lead straight to cardiovascular problems, which are sometimes fatal.

On the other hand the good, unsaturated fats are something that can even help weight loss, and in particular have proven to be excellent Reinforcing immunity. Among the good fats include olive oil, fish oil (Omega 3), and in larger quantities can be found in nuts, so, for example, and peanut butter belongs in this group.

Sugar is more dangerous than fat
When it comes to weight gain and causes such as frequent problems, the main and the prime cause of the people’s favorite sugar. Only after eliminating sugar may talk about the problems caused by fat, which are also great evil (ie saturated fat, not all).