The Best Cancer Fighting Fruit Is Ranked


Cancer, especially colon cancer is the worst killer cancer lately. It is expected that colon cancer can create 50.000 deaths in USA this year. A study of recently said it is possible to lower this risk of this cancer by just consuming dry plums.


More on this research

The study presented by the Biology Conference in Massachusetts headed by Nancy Turner, prof. at Texas A&M University was spot on. As to her and her team of experts, dry plums keep the healthy microflora and gut bacteria inside. Thus, colon cancer is reduced.

There has been a study already that proved a direct link between diet and the content/metabolism of microflora in the gut and colon. Turner also added on a Boston conference that trillions bacteria are in the intestinal tract and 400 species of this kind have been named. This identification allowed the test to take effect of the dry plum toward the microflora of the colon.

How do these plums affect the colon cancer risks?

The colon cancer thrives due to inflammation that is recurrent and in the intestines. This inflammation is triggered by some disruptions in the microbiota. But, if you eat dry plums, you also get phenolic items too and they are great as antioxidants. Antioxidants are also known to keep the bad effects of oxidation stress at bay and free radicals too that damage the DNA. Such impaired DNA makes recurrent inflammation and sadly, cancer.


Experts have said that eating such dry plums can give you these benefits:

  • Microbiota retention inside the gut
  • Good maintenance of microbial metabolism in the colon
  • Reduced aberrant crypt foci numbers and this is a big sign for cancer growth

Experts also concluded this since dry plums can promote keeping of good metabolism in the colon and cancer risk is lower due to this.

Prunes or plums?

The question here is do we need dry plums or prunes? Experts say that prunes are also plums but not every plum is a prune. Still, many countries out of USA use the names parallelly.

Dry plums are good for lowering the cancer risks, but this does not imply that fresh plums are just as healthy. Dry plums have both insoluble and soluble fibers and sorbitol too, lacking in the fresh plums. Sorbitol is the natural sugar that is not fermented and this raises the good microorganisms of the gut like phenolic items.


Source: organichealthteam