The Best Alkaline Diet For Cancer


To live a healthy life is affected by the diet we have. And the good diet is crucial.

If someone has a harsh health issue, he must do rapid changes in the diet and habits.


More and more evidence show a great link between junk foods and diabetes or arthritis. This goes the same for cancer.

Why and how alkalinity affects cancer?

As the name says, this diet has alkaline foods that diminish acidity.

Some people say the best is to remove every acidic food altogether. Why? Cancer cells die when in alkaline areas, so such foods kill cancer cells.

Most of such acidic foods make inflammation and this is 1st cause of cancer.


Battle with inflammation

The inflammation starts when every damaged tissue releases out chemicals. So white blood cells make substances that divide each cell and makes it grow again for repairmen. When the wound heals the inflammation is done. This goes for such cases in a healthy person.

As far as chronic inflammation goes, this starts when there is no injury and it does not end easily. It can be abnormal in normal tissues and caused even by obesity. This can damage the DNA with time.

7 steps for alkaline diet

The modern diets are based on acidic foods and see the list below to correct this:

1. Greens

Acidic diet makes the pH acidic and this makes acidosis. For cancer this is perfect for thriving. So rebalance the pH with alkaline foods. Eat cruciferous veggies; cabbage, kale, broccoli and some can be eaten raw. Fruits are also healthy but eat just 3 pieces tops per day.

2. Swap proteins

The HCAs and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons of fish, meat, beef and pork are cooked on high heat. It was known that the HCAs and PAHs can be mutagenic or damaging the DNA and increase cancer risk. As to the International Agency for research on Cancer, the deli meats are the worst for colorectal cancer. With this in mind, reduce meat and get organic meats. Eat nuts, seeds, beans, lentils and peas.

3. No sugar

The cancer gets more glucose than other cells and makes more acids. Also too much sugar stresses the pancreas and makes more insulin. This makes insulin resistance and speeds up the cancer. Also corn syrup is full of mercury that causes cancer. Cancer people must remove white sugar and corn syrup too and opt for honey or agave. This makes magnesium deficit since the sugar drains this mineral.

4. No gluten

Spelt, rye, wheat and other grains are forbidden. Also avoid wheat since it is full with pesticides. Avoid cakes, cookies, muffins, pasta, cereals, crackers and so on. The processed gluten can be okay but it is loaded with sugars often and oils, so no benefit there. Replace them with rice, amaranth, millet, teff, quinoa and buckwheat.

5. No dairy

Prof. T. Colin Campbell, PhD of Cornell university said the cow milk is the worst dairy. The dairy protein casein is found in powder milk too and makes more inflammation as it damages the bones too. Opt for coconut and almond milk.

6. Good oils

Avoid corn, soy, sunflower, safflower oils and margarine too. Fat is important for neurons and their links so this hold in control the nervous system. Hydrogenated fats cannot do this. Instead they damage the cells to work healthy and they are broken, make dead spots inside us. And vital links are not received. This makes more cancer risk when the cells are irresponsive and affect other cells. Get more oils like cold pressed and organic ones (avocado, olive, coconut) all reducing inflammation and improving the nervous system. This creates more cancer risk and impairs other healthy cells too.

7. Change drink habits

Avoid beers and sodas and get more water. Also no artificial juices to avoid sugars and additives or colors. Get more herbal teas, veggie juices, herbal teas and reduce the coffee.


Source: organichealthteam