Microwave Diseases You Never Heard Of


The special tube magneton makes power in the microwave ovens and this was made by scientists during WWII.

With the radar of Britain, the microwaves located Nazi airplanes that attempted bombing.


Few years after this, these ovens were with the cooking purpose, and this was said by LeBaron Spencer, military industrial complex member also known like Raytheon Company. So the waves of the radar melted candy in the pocket.

This made the creation of Radar Range in big ratios. Why we speak of this is because we need to get to their nature and explain it since they are used massively these days.

To make this more clear these ovens have 2.45 billion hertz and this is not hazardous unless it is leaking.

This frequency proved that it is unhealthy for humans with just 10 hertz so at least be further from the oven when you cook.

The side effects of microwaves are;


  • Weak immunity
  • More illnesses
  • Birth defects
  • Cataract
  • Less resistance to virus and bacteria
  • Cancer

The food effects of microwaves;

  • The Swiss expert Hans Hertel made a study where he said these ovens remove every food nutrient
  • The radiation deforms the food and makes it harmful and even radioactive.
  • Back in 1992 there was a study of Search for Health that said this was the effect on people: less hemoglobin, more anemia, risen cholesterol, more leukocytes and cell damages, less white blood cells, infant formulas were damaged and their acids were damaged too so it resulted in abnormalities, breast milk had deprived 96% antibodies.

So, in case you are still not sure whether the oven is sealed, you still are in danger of the radiation or EMF and have risk of many health issues.

So these ovens are UNHEALTHY and the best recommendation by EPA is 5mG-2.5 mG EMF. Even with 4 inches from the oven gets you exposed to 1-25mG.

There is no denying that these ovens are bad, but also the fastest way to prepare food. But the health must always be your priority, so reduce cooking with these ovens.


Source: organichealthteam