Hummus Cuts Cancer Risk By 50%. 13 Ways To Make It With Only FIVE Ingredients


Hummus is a delicious dip which has a lot to offer, both in terms of nutrition and taste.

Chickpeas is the key ingredient in hummus, a rich source of protein and B-vitamins.  Hummus is very simple to make, tasty, packed with fiber, quite satiating, it helps clean out the gut and it boosts the immune system at the same time.

Here is a short list outlining the top 10 reasons to enjoy this tasty food dip:

  1. Being high in protein, it balances blood sugar levels, reduces hunger cravings, and prevents excessive snacking. Its iron content boosts energy and makes you more motivated to exercise, so generally speaking hummus serves as solid weight-loss tool.
  2. According to a study done by Jane Pittaway at the at the University of Tasmania’s School of Human Life Sciences, chickpeas helps lower cholesterol levels
  3. Hummus comes in many different flavors and a wide range of varieties
  4. Many celebrities are fans of this superfood
  5. Many people worldwide are literally obsessed with hummus
  6. It has been scientifically shown that chickpeas drastically lower cancer risk
  7. Eating hummus is part of the Mediterranean diet, which is extremely beneficial
  8. Hummus is a great alternative to commercial, unhealthy dips and bread spreads
  9. It is extremely easy to make at home
  10. In 2010 people in Beirut made the biggest plate of hummus, weighing 23,520 pounds. Interesting fact, isn’t it?

Main Ingredient Of Hummus Is A Superfood

Chickpeas are indeed mouth-watering, characterized with a sweet, nutty flavor which makes them ideal addition to most salads. They are extremely versatile and can be easily incorporated into soups, made into hummus, or even baked in the over until crispy, to make a nutritious, yet very delicious snack.

While chickpeas belong the bean family, they are lower in starch compared to other beans, which makes them ideal for those weight-watchers and those who are trying to shed a few pounds. They are available in jars or cans, but you need to make sure that they don’t contain any added salt and that they aren’t soaked in oil. For high-quality chickpeas, get dried variety and boil them on your own.

As long as prepared properly, hummus possesses powerful cancer-fighting properties and is believed to potentially cut cancer risk by staggering 50%. Chickpeas and other legumes are packed with compounds recently found to slow the growth of both prostate and breast cancer cells in vitro as well as to eradicate 64% precancerous colon growths in mice. Most importantly, these claims are not based on anecdotal experiences only. Massive studies show that people consuming the most legumes are at 32% lower risk of cancer in general, including 45% lower risk of prostate cancer and 57% lower risk of colon cancer.

Make Your Own Hummus

As already discussed in the very beginning, making hummus is simple, easy, and very fast. The most important thing is to choose organic chickpeas!

Whatever way of preparing hummus you opt for, the procedure is pretty much the same for all recipes. You need to rinse and drain any canned beans, add all the ingredients to a blender/ food processor, and blend until smooth.  If you are fonder of thinner consistency, feel free to add water until you get the desired texture.

Check out the graphic below which is literally the ultimate guide to homemade hummus!



Source: besthealthyguide