He Cured DIABETES Without Any Medicine, Using This DRINK Which He Made!

A few years ago, one man was feeling unwell and he was very thirsty all the time. After visiting his doctor who run some tests, he was shocked to learn that his blood glucose levels were at 29! The doctor said that his pancreas was dying, which means that he would get insulin shots for the rest of his life. Having no option left, the man started taking insulin, but after a while his condition got worse. His triglycerides were at 16 and his blood pressure raised to 150\100! It was clear that something needed to change so he can survive.

Sitting home on New Year’s Eve, the man watched a show called The Edge of Science, where Dr. John Zirdum spoke about how raw foods and juicing changed his life for the better. The man decided to follow Dr. Zirdum’s advice, bought a juicer and started living healthier. After a week, he successfully fought off food cravings and his blood sugar levels started dropping. After a few weeks, he completely got off the insulin therapy and managed to control the disease with raw foods and juicing. His blood sugar levels were stable and he even lost some weight – in just a month, he managed to shed 20 lbs. and was healthier than ever!

Impressed by his results, the man decided to share his favorite juice with the world. Here’s how to prepare it:


-A handful of kale
-2 kiwis
-2 apples
-5 bananas


Put all the ingredients in a bowl and pour water over them, then mix everything in a blender until you get a homogenous mixture. For best results, he also recommends drinking half of the juice in the morning and drinking the rest throughout the day. Besides regulating your blood sugar levels, the drink will also nourish your body and your brain as well.

Source: naturalcarebox