Do This For 15 Minutes Before Going To Bed, It Can Change Your Skin Complexion Overnight!!!

We are getting closer to the season in the year when we ought to pay more attention to our skin. Not that we shouldn’t bother about it throughout the whole year, but the summertime is actually the time when due to the sunshine and high temperatures, our skin becomes dry and lifeless. Yes, our skin needs extra support in summer.

Today we are offering you a treatment that only in few steps will make your skin be better looking, glowing and you will be radiant for your environment. And, believe it or not, it is going to be very simple.


In the first step, you need to first clean your face. You can do that with a cotton ball and with rose water on it.

Then the preparation begins. Take one bowl and put two spoons of rice flour. Then, add some cucumber juice and 1 pinch of turmeric. Make a good mix out of this and apply it all over your face and massage it for five minutes. Then, wash your face with mild water.

There is another way of preparing a remedy for your face

Put two spoons of sandalwood powder. Add rose water in it (about 2 spoons) and 1 spoon of honey. Apply this on your face and it should stay there for a quarter of an hour. Then comes the washing part.

After this, you need to put some toner and facial cream. Enjoy your fresh face.

Source: healthymultiverse