A Woman Drank Warm Water And Turmeric Every Morning For A Year. This Happened!


These days is really popular something called turmeric. It has been for years back and in many traditions too.

This spice is nutritious and beneficial for the health. It is also an antioxidant that works anti-inflammatory and with anti-aging benefits.

It was studied in more than 7000 studies and it was decided that the main ingredient the best one is curcuma.

It is simple, cheap and healthy – turmeric water is in many healthy beverages. A woman from Bristol, England, told her experience after drinking this water for a year.

First, the pH in her was amazing, digestion improved too, she alkalized the body and also removed arthritis issues. All this after consuming it for a year.


Fill one glass with warm water and add 1 tsp ground turmeric, a pinch black pepper and mix well. Drink while still warm.

Everytime you drink this in the morning, this happens:

Alkalized body

This ingredient is alkaline and cancer can survive in acid regions in the body only.

Better health

The curcuma removes plaque of blood vessels and stops blood clots formation.

The Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin gazette published a study made by experts from Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences in Japan. The result was consuming turmeric for 3 weeks by far improves the health of hearts in male rats.


Protected brain

As to experts, low growth hormone levels, Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor BDNF, is linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Also the result showed curcuma controls this hormone balanced and stops age brain problems and diseases.

Reversal of diabetes 2

Auburn University, in 2009 made a study published by Biochemistry and Biophysical research Communications. This only showed that turmeric fights diabetes.

Anti cancer

Curcuma stops cancer from spreading, it is an antioxidant and they protect our cells from damages.

No inflammation

Many problems arise from inflammation only. Curcuma is anti-inflammatory and protects every cell.

Relieved arthritis

As by 2012 study of RA, the curcuma is good just like non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs NSAID. Even better than Diclofenac for swelling and pains.

Better digestion

Lately, some studies shown that turmeric consuming improves digestion and bowels.

Protected liver

Here, it is beneficial for the gallbladder and also to protect our liver from toxic materials. Also, it rejuvenates already damaged livers and cells.

Slow aging and longevity

Curcuma removes free radicals that are reasons for premature aging.


Source: organichealthuniverse